[FFmpeg-user] Fwd: Stream mp4

Reuben Martin reuben.m at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 16:56:58 CET 2015

On Tuesday, March 03, 2015 06:15:02 AM aradeonas wrote:
> Days I trying to stream mp4 file with ffserver.
> I read many questions like these:
> Finally I cant understand is mp4 stream able or not?
> Is it a way to do this with ffserver?
> Is there any sample?I read help but they most about live stream but I
> just want to stream a simple mp4 file.

You don’t need a dedicated streaming server unless you are streaming live 
content feeds.

MP4 is can be streamed as long as it has the index packet moved to the front 
of the file. (-movflags faststart)

If the file is really large / long, you would probably want to chop it up into 
fragments. (there are several movflags related to this)

Nginx with the mp4 module built in should be sufficient to stream the video.


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