[FFmpeg-user] what's the best hardware build out?

jarhead4067 mrjarhead at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 07:32:04 CET 2015

I'm a long-time developer/noob to FFMpeg, so bear with me.  I've got a
requirement for a system to split video files into thumbnails (1 thumbnail
per second of video).  The input video format will be all over the place
(i.e. .mp4, .flv, etc), video length all over the place (30 seconds to 2
hours), and at wildly different resolutions.  Also, we'll need to support
processing thousands of videos daily.  The plan is to use the following
ffmpeg command line (this will be ran in multiple processes so all available
threads are used):

ffmpeg -i sourcevideo.mp4 -y -vf scale=100:-1 -r 1 frame_%6d.jpg

I'm going to be building out a dedicated Windows based system for this. 
Outside of throwing as much CPU as possible at it (Core i7-4790), are there
any other suggestions on what an ideal hardware build out should be, i.e.
SSD, GPUs, etc?  Also, is that the best (fastest) FFMpeg command line for
what I'm trying to do here?  

Any help is welcome and appreciated on this.

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