[FFmpeg-user] High Quality WEBM

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Tue Dec 22 19:00:02 CET 2015

Am 22.12.2015 um 18:41 schrieb Kirk Clemons:
> Is there a recommended command for high quality webm video from a raw avi
> source?

well, there is nothing like a recommended command
in general it don't matter much what format the source is
below a log output from today

raie the bitrate and size, that's a automated system calculation pad to 
reach target of 320x180 independent of the source

Output #0, webm, to 
[video] => /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -hide_banner -i '/www/temp/12.m4v' -y 
-vb '384k' -ab '96k' -bt '64k' -maxrate '480k' -ar '44100' -ac '2' -r 
'25' -vf 'scale=320:176,setdar=16/9,pad=320:180:0:2:000000' -async '1' 
-vcodec 'libvpx' -acodec 'vorbis' -strict 'experimental' -g '120' -level 
'216' -profile '0' -qmax '42' -qmin '0' -slices '4' -threads '6' 
-metadata 'creation_time=2015-12-22T14:30:40' 
'/www/temp/94db14123a8cba39c1715e9a806d4a342a944b34.webm' >> 
'/www/logs/ffmpeg.log' 2>> '/www/logs/ffmpeg.log'
[status] => Video '/www/temp/12.m4v' wurde in 
'/www/temp/94db14123a8cba39c1715e9a806d4a342a944b34.webm' konvertiert

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