[FFmpeg-user] Recording from a stream

Jean-Marie Baran jean-marie.baran at ama.bzh
Mon Dec 21 18:41:10 CET 2015


I am trying to use ffmpeg in order to record a video and an audio 
stream. The incoming video stream is MJPEG at an average of 15 fps; the 
audio stream is PCM16 (s16le).

I use the ffmpeg tool to convert these streams respectively to H.264 
(with libx264) and AAC, in an MP4 container.

The problem is that when playing back the record, the video is (a lot) 
too fast, but audio is fine (any player, VLC, ffplay, ...). However if I 
specify the input fps ("-r 15"), the video is near the required speed. 
But as rate at which I receive the video frame is not constant, the 
video speeds up/down very often.

What I try to achieve here is to have Ffmpeg somehow record the 
variation in the framerate. Ideally I would tell it, «well, record the 
timestamp of the frame as they arrive», but so far each time I remove 
"-r 15" the video plays too fast.

Here are my options:

ffmpeg -y
        -thread_queue_size 1024 # Because ffmpeg told me to do it
        -f s16le
        -i tcp://localhost:35647?listen=1 # Audio comes from a socket
        -r 15
        -f mjpeg
        -thread_queue_siwe 1024 # It told me to do it for video too
        -i - # Video comes from stdin
        -c:v libx264
        -preset fast -crf 28 # libx264 options
        -vsync vfr # Tried everything: passthrough, cfr, vfr and auto 
without success
        -async 1
        -r:v 15 #
        -strict -2 -acodec aac # Encode in AAC
        -ar 44100

Moreover I would like not to hardcode the framerate here, because this 
command is invoked from a program, that I do not want to change if the 
input stream switch to 30fps for example.

I read about pts and dts to adjust the time at which frames are actually 
displayed. In a worst case, it is at least possible to specify the fps 
but tell ffmpeg to use these so that the video stays are a correct speed ?

*Jean-Marie Baran*

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