[FFmpeg-user] using ffmpeg, ffserver + libavfilter

Michael Fritscher michael.fritscher at telematik-zentrum.de
Mon Dec 14 19:12:56 CET 2015

Good evening,

I'm in trouble using ffmpeg with libavfilter and ffserver (using 2.6.3). 
If I use e.g.
ffmpeg -i <network input device> -vf 
"drawgrid=w=iw/3:h=ih/3:t=2:c=black at 1.0" /tmp/blah.avi it works fine - I 
get a grid on it.

But if I redirect ffmpeg to output it on ffserver it seems that the 
filter is ignored without a message. How can I archive working filters 
aith ffserver (without a proxy ffmpeg or something similar^^) ? I could 
add options into the ffserver.conf - but I didn't find anything helpful.

Best regards,
Michael Fritscher
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