[FFmpeg-user] Cross fading of videos

Tony Mobily merc at mobily1.com
Fri Dec 11 07:14:12 CET 2015


I apologise for messing up the subject of this thread.
It should be "Manipulation of videos: slicing, cross-dissolve, overlay" and
the last "2)" should obviously be "3)". Sorry, the email obviously outgrew
its original intent...


On 11 December 2015 at 13:45, Tony Mobily <merc at mobily1.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to ffmpeg. I am reading through the documentation -- although
> there is a lot to take in!
> I was wondering if you could give me a couple of hints on how to get
> started.
> 1) Cross-dissolve
> I have two videos, 1.mp4 and 2.mp4, 10 seconds each. I want to concatenate
> those videos, so that the first one has a cross-dissolve with the second
> one when they are joined. If the effect goes on for 1 second, this
> necessarily means that the resulting video will necessarily be 19 seconds
> (since the last second of 1.mp4 will "blend" with the first second of 2.mp4.
> Is this something that can be done with ffmpeg?
> 2) Slicing
> I have a 60 second video, and want to get a slice from the second 10.45 to
> the second 23.54. Is that possible?
> 2) Overlay
> I have two videos, 1.mp4 (30 seconds) and 2.mp4 (8.5 seconds). I want to
> create a result video where 2.mp4 overwrites the last 8.5 seconds of 1.mp4.
> Is this possible without doing cut/concatenation?
> Thank you in advance -- and I apologise if I asked silly questions!
> Merc.

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