[FFmpeg-user] frame by frame scrub h264/mov issues?

Brice brice at secretlab.net
Wed Dec 9 01:02:50 CET 2015

Hey All,

I'm having some issues with creating an h264 QuickTime from a jpg sequence.
  The QuickTime generates just fine and plays just fine as well.  If I stop
the QT at all, I get the ball of death while QT "thinks", then can't use
the (L/R) keys to step through the QT frame by frame.

When using ffplay I get the following error when trying to go frame by
frame: "error while seeking."


OSX version 10.8.5
ffmpeg version 2.3.2

Current ffmpeg cmd string looks like this:

ffmpeg -start_number 0000476 -f image2 -r 24 -i <PATH><SEQ>.%07d.jpg
 -vcodec libx264 -acodec libfaac -r 23.976 -qp 22 -pix_fmt yuv420p
 -movflags +faststart -force_key_frames 1 <PATH><QTNAME>.mov -y


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