[FFmpeg-user] rebroadcasting an m3u8 stream (HLS)

chovy chovy at protonmail.ch
Wed Dec 2 07:11:00 CET 2015

I'm trying to decrypt and rebroadcast a stream so I can play it in VLC, which is working (sort of), except on my server it can't seem to keep up while transcoding the live stream.

When I load the unencrypted m3u8 file in VLC or Safari it works for a few seconds then pauses....it does this a few times and eventually the stream drops. I'm not sure what is going on, I am guessing its taking longer to decrypt and create the .ts files than it takes for the client to download them once completed.

I'm trying to figure out some optimal options for ffmpeg:

ffmpeg \
-user-agent 'iPhone' \
-headers 'Cookie: <cookie>' \
-i <encrypted-stream-1200.m3u8> \
-hls_flags delete_segments \
-hls_allow_cache 0 \
mystream.m3u8 &

I'm also using `cpulimit -z -e ffmpeg -l 95` so it doesn't max my CPU out at 100%, which appears to be working

What else can I do with these ffmpeg options? I've been trying for a few days to get this working and it seems my hardware just can't keep up.

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