[FFmpeg-user] Warning on ffmpeg ./configure

Douglas Wire pupcostudios at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 08:39:38 CET 2015

Good morning Moritz, and thank you so much for the reply. I did not notice
it as I signed up for the developers' mailing list as well hoping in future
to add to the project if there was some way possible. While I solved the
riddle, reading your information now is helping me understand more of the
nitty-gritty stuff that I need brush up on to help contribute.

So, yes I noticed trying to set --prefix made not a bit of difference.
Oddly I thought I knew the problem all along, and I did, just was not
finding my way to make sure that I could get "libfdk"and "pkgconfig" path
in as an environmental variable so they associated properly. Part of what
had stumped me was the last time I compiled everything for a web server as
far as ffmpeg, I got two of the same sort of warnings, perhaps something in
setting up this server was a bit different, as I only got the one. After
poking around in my gray matter for a half hour, I decided I should just
add it to my path and if that worked and did not break something else - I
should be OK. So yes it was that easy.

After all the other compiling for this and that into the ffmpeg compile, I
simply executed this:


I went back and ran make distclean in the ffmpeg source folder and ran
right up to the mile long ./configure - boom a few minutes later no
warnings and ready to make && make install. I don't feel too dumb about
this as I am not an expert with compiling my own materials, but having to
follow sound logic to arrive at the only thing that could be an issue -
(regardless how unlikely it may seem to me at the time) - will always
elevate my understanding of things. So I am most happy to trade time for
knowledge and want to really thank you for replying to me. I noted I signed
up for the developer's mailing list. I am going to in the near future be
working much more heavily with ffmpeg, so in reading those messages, I grab
an astounding amount of knowledge of the project - AND IT IS ALL FREE! I
hope to one day help contribute to this really wonderful project. Thanks
again and have a happy holiday.

Kind regards,

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 4:33 PM, Moritz Barsnick <barsnick at gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi Douglas,
> On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 11:59:11 -0500, Douglas Wire wrote:
> > "WARNING: using libfdk without pkg-config"
> >
> > Seeing this I have triple checked the config entry for ffmpeg and
> > everything I can see is correct. So I went back to libfdk-aac and cleaned
> > it up and recompiled it adding the path to the only pkg-config file I
> could
> > find via adding, "--prefix="/usr/bin" to the config. This made no extra
> > warnings and had zero effect on that build, as well it output all the
> same
> > things when I recompiled ffmpeg. No change at all.
> If you look at ./configure, you will see which checks happen:
> This first check apparently fails:
> $ use_pkg_config fdk-aac "fdk-aac/aacenc_lib.h" aacEncOpen
> While this second attempt then works in your installation:
> $ require libfdk_aac fdk-aac/aacenc_lib.h aacEncOpen -lfdk-aac
> The latter is, sort of, the "manual" check for headers, libraries and
> symbols.
> The former check does this first:
> $ pkg-config --exists --print-errors fdk-aac
> and checks its return value. I think that already fails for you.
> What does the command
> $ pkg-config --exists --print-errors fdk-aac; echo $?
> return for you?
> Is your pkgconfig file located exactly here?
> /usr/lib/pkgconfig/fdk-aac.pc
> If that isn't one of your problems, there are other things that could
> be looked at, but it's not worth typing that much right now. ;-)
> BTW, "--prefix="/usr/bin" should change exactly nothing (and is
> irrelevant for a library).
> Moritz
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