[FFmpeg-user] Dual Xeon VS Haswell-E, maximize fps

Sean seanm at goldeneraproductions.org
Fri Sep 26 19:09:06 CEST 2014

>I am putting together hardware to encode a large and ever growing catalog
>of video using ffmpeg/x264.  Much of the source video is 1080p ProResHQ.
>Currently I have a box with a Haswell 4770k CPU which gets around 12-15
>fps, I am of course looking to increase that as much as possible.
>Trying to determine if getting the latest dual CPU Xeon (such as E5-2690
>v3) setup is going to be worth the significant additional cost over the
>best Haswell-E (Core i7-5960X).

>I've read lots of articles/posts and it is not clear to me.  I know worth
>is subjective but looking to know if there'll be significant increase in
>fps using 2 Xeons.  I need to justify the $6-7k price tag.
>Any insight/experience would be appreciated.

I have used ffmpeg/x264 on a wide variety of machines from the i7 up to dual
8-core xeon systems. While some codecs are not optimized to use all
available cores, the x264 engine definitely does and it makes a huge
difference. I have seen speeds up to 40 fps encoding to H264 elementary
streams from DNxHD QT sources on a dual 8-core xeon. Your IO speed has an
influence on this as well.


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