[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg encoding

Maria De Los Angeles Quintero maquintero at planetife.us
Wed Sep 24 18:43:17 CEST 2014


I need to encode an specific mp4, i have been trying with the ffmpeg, but i couldnt make it, if you could help me with these would be great.
The encoding requirements are these:


Main profile Level 3.0

Set CABAC for Main profile

Constant bit rate encoding

1.5-2.0 Mb´s  resolution

Closed GOP must be set

GOP size shall be equal to 1/2 second, with the following exceptions:

      -Utilizing GOP size less than 1/2 second is acceptable and shall be used for       scene change detection.

Every I-frame must be in IDR- IDR Frecuency shall be set to 1

Streaming format is required e.g SPS and other secuence headers shall be repeated throughout the stream to facilitate fast decoder synchronization during random acces.

B-Frames shall be used when main profile is chosen

No referenced B-frames

Number of B-Frames shall be set to 2 or 3

Number of referenced frames shall be set to 2

Encode without wight prediction

Number of slices shall be set to 1,2 or 4

Deblocking filter shall be enable

720x480 NTSC

Thanks you so much!!!

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