[FFmpeg-user] Extract DTS core from DTS-HD MA track

Anssi Hannula anssi.hannula at iki.fi
Mon Sep 22 19:28:53 CEST 2014

19.09.2014, 21:28, No Spam Please kirjoitti:
> All, 
> I searched the mailing list archive and the last mention of extracting DTS core was around mid 2013.  It was stated that it was a feature being worked on. 
> Does the current version of ffmpeg support extracting the DTS core from a DTS-HD MA stream? 
> If so, how does one invoke it using the command line? 
> If not, are there other Linux based tools that would do the job? 

While splitting core is not directly supported (we need a new bitstream
filter), you can still achieve it with a trick, by passing the stream
through the S/PDIF IEC 61937 muxer and then demuxer, with HD disabled, e.g.:

ffmpeg -i DTS-HD_MA.dts -f spdif -dtshd_rate 0 -acodec copy - | \
	ffmpeg -i - -acodec copy DTS-Core.dts

Anssi Hannula

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