[FFmpeg-user] Extract DTS core from DTS-HD MA track

No Spam Please no.spam.please at gmx.com
Sat Sep 20 13:38:49 CEST 2014

On 19 September 2014 19:28:05 BST, No Spam Please <no.spam.please at gmx.com> wrote:
>I searched the mailing list archive and the last mention of extracting
>DTS core was around mid 2013.  It was stated that it was a feature
>being worked on. 
>Does the current version of ffmpeg support extracting the DTS core from
>a DTS-HD MA stream? 
>If so, how does one invoke it using the command line? 
>If not, are there other Linux based tools that would do the job? 

A kind soul has pointed out that it remains on the wish list, so answer is No, ffmpeg can't extract the DTS core. 


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