[FFmpeg-user] Is this machine ok for FFMPEG?

Damian Głodny damian at artnmedia.pl
Thu Sep 18 11:32:56 CEST 2014

Hello, I am building 2U rack mountable server for FFMPEG streaming to web
and IPTV. I need machine which allow me in future to run smoothly 8
instances of FFMPEG.


1 instance will transcode video card input and output it as MPEG TS to
multicast address. Codecs are x264 and aac, quality is 720p ~4M bitrate.
This one is for IPTV.

2 instance will get input from multicast address from 1 FFMPEG instance and
will output it as 3 streams with different qualities (first stream will just
copy a/v streams). This one is for web.


And I want in future add more instances like those above (max 8).


I would like to ask is this machine will be enough for my needs?


Server SuperMicro 2027r-wrf:



2x IntelR XeonR Processor E5-2637 v2 (15M Cache, 3.50 GHz):




2x SSD ~128GB (second one is for backup)


OS: Linux


Thank you for advices.




Damian Głodny


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