[FFmpeg-user] libx264 doesnt find

Fatemeh Ramezani anasnack2000 at yahoo.de
Wed Sep 10 10:22:20 CEST 2014


I want to install ffmpeg on my raspberry pi but I got the follow error:
lib264 must be installed and version must be >=0.118
but it is installed. It is in the directory usr/local/lob/libx264.so usr/local/lib/libx264.a
dpkg -1 | grep "libx264" give these out. 
ii  libx264-123:armhf                     2:0.123.2189+git35cf912-1+rpi1          armhf        x264 video coding library
ii  libx264-124:armhf                     3:0.124.2197+git69a0443-dmo1            armhf        x264 video coding library
ii  libx264-130:armhf                     3:0.130.2274+gitc832fe9-dmo1            armhf        x264 video coding library
ii  libx264-132:armhf                     3:0.132.2310+git76a5c3a-dmo1            armhf        x264 video coding library
ii  libx264-dev:armhf                     3:0.132.2310+git76a5c3a-dmo1            armhf        development files for libx264

what I have to do?

Best Regards
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Fatemeh Ramezani
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