[FFmpeg-user] Transcoding video with subtitles to mp4 or mpegts

Xavier Benech xavier.benech at xb-labs.fr
Wed Sep 10 11:42:13 CEST 2014


I've got videos with several subtitles streams using subrip and dvdsub 
When I try to transcode them into mp4 and/or mpegts, from what I've read 
so far it seems I must use "-scodec mov_text" option. But this seems to 
work only if input subtitles stream contains subtitles as text.
Am I right at this point?

This leads to my question: How can I determine if a subtitle stream can 
be transcode to "mov_text"? Is there a list of subtitles codecs that are 
pur text?
The idea behind is to be able to batch the transcoding using a script 
that determine if subtitles streams can be transcoded or must be dropped.


Xavier Benech
Consultant Independant
xavier.benech at xb-labs.fr

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