[FFmpeg-user] How to record audio and video from FaceTime HD Camera in OSX

Jay Muthialu jmuthialu at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 7 18:01:25 CEST 2014

Hi Moritz,

Thanks for the great input. I went through all the patches specified in the link but I am not sure how to apply the patches. Could you please guide me on how to apply the patches and also what would be command I would have to use to take audio input ? Please note that I originally installed ffmpeg using Homebrew.

On Sep 7, 2014, at 8:25 AM, Moritz Barsnick <barsnick at gmx.net> wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 07, 2014 at 07:37:56 -0400, Jay Muthialu wrote:
>> Output in OSX listing the AV devices identified
> Ah. Back in June, ffmpeg's avfoundation didn't support audio yet, and I
> think that hasn't changed:
> https://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-user/2014-June/021768.html
> I think these are the experimental patches being referred to (see the
> whole thread for all five patches):
> https://lists.ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2014-April/156865.html
> Good luck, and do report your results if you happen to test them.
> Moritz, no Mac OS myself.
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