[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg bitrate flag

A. Semprimožnik toni.semprimoznik at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 11:47:04 CEST 2014


We are using ffmpeg to transcode videos to various video formats. Large
number of videos is transcoded to MPEG1 and OGG. Those videos are then
played in javascript video player on web mobile. We noticed that especially
on OGG, there is a big difference in video quality when changing bitrate.

My question is, are there any flag in ffmpeg, that sets bitrate dynamically
based on video content at transcoding time. What I mean by that, for
example, if a video is static, we don’t need high bitrate for new video
when decoding (static scene, where just one object is moving a little for
example). When video is full of action for example, so it is very dynamic,
we need higher bitrate to achieve a good quality of a video.

Is there any flag that would determine how dynamic video is? Or
selects/returns/sets the optimal bitrate for transcoding, based on video’s

Thank you,
BR, A. Semprimoznik

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