[FFmpeg-user] I have problem when I configure ffmpeg in win7

翁丞世 mob5566 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 05:18:12 CEST 2014

I am a student from Computer Science Engineering of National Sun-Yat Sen
University, I'm doing my project about Parrot AR.Drone.

When I follow the instructions of developer guide of AR.Drone,

Generate FFMPEG library files in your system

– Download the latest version of MinGW from the site:
– Install MinGW in c:nMinGW (any path is possible) and make sure that c
c++ compiler, MSYS Basic System and MinGW Developer Toolkit should be chosen
while installing;
– move package FFMPEG into c:nMinGWnmsysn1.0nhome;
– click msys.bat located in c:nMinGWnmsysn1.0 to start a terminal of MinGW;
– in this terminal, enter into the directory of FFMPEG by inputting “cd
*– set the compiling configuration by inputting “./configure
*dev –enable-shared –enable-w32threads –disable-static –disable-yasm” in

I stuck at this step, it told me "C compiler test failed.", and then I
google for two days to find the answer, but I still fail.

So I send this mail with the config.log to you for the last hope(?), I
think that you will solve this problem.



*翁丞世 Cheng-Shih Wong    國立中山大學資工系*
*Email: mob5566 at gmail.com <mob5566 at gmail.com>*
*Blog: **http://mobcs.blogspot.tw/ <http://mobcs.blogspot.tw/>*
*Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chengshih.wong
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