[FFmpeg-user] Using FFmpeg with LGPL license

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Sep 2 01:41:02 CEST 2014

Victor Elizondo <velizondo <at> growthaccelerationpartners.com> writes:

> Apple App Store neither Google Play Store allow 
> Dynamic Linking.

(Do you agree that this has nothing to do with 
Please understand that the LGPL allows both static 
and dynamic linking. In both cases, in a simplified 
wording, you have to make sure that a user can take 
the (FFmpeg) source code, modify it, compile it and 
can use the newly compiled library with your 
proprietary application. In case of static linking 
this means that you have to provide object files.

> I know TuneIn Radio uses FFmpeg as well, but they 
> do not provide source code to download. I want to 
> do the same as TuneIn Radio does. What do I have 
> to do?

If this application distributes binaries based on 
FFmpeg source code without FFmpeg source code, they 
are copyright violators.
Do you want to be a copyright violator?

> I don't plan to modify FFmpeg, just use it. What 
> I can do is provide the FFmpeg source code I use, 
> but I cannot provide object files of my compiled
> app, so no re-linking of my app. It's a copyright 
> app in those App stores that's should not be copied.

I am not a lawyer but I suspect in case of a lawsuit 
it will make a difference that you asked here what 
you have to do, that I explained it and that you 
announced publicly that you not planning to follow 
the conditions of the software license.

Carl Eugen

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