[FFmpeg-user] Need help with ffmpeg configurations

Tan Tran tan at choose.tv
Thu Jul 31 19:32:26 CEST 2014



We need someone that is very good with ffmpeg configurations to help us with
our settings.


We are using FFMPEG to encode an 8 mbs stream to 250kb, 750kb, 1.5 mbs, 3
mbs.. are are having issues with the quality and reliability of the streams.


1.       Slow loading of stream from video player

2.       Sometimes streams just pauses during playback but then if we
pause/play it works again.

3.       Artifacts seen

4.       Better video quality


We need someone to be able to help us with the reliability and put into
place logic where the streams can encode 24/7/365 .


We also need someone to examine our settings per channel and recommend the
best settings for the best quality for each channel.


Are you able to help with this or can recommend someone to help with this?


The right person would also become our 'Go To Person' for all ffmpeg needs
so there is a possibility for long term relationships.


Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you.




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