[FFmpeg-user] Help with HTTP Streaming FFMPEG

Farrukh Javed mohdfjaved at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 01:43:31 CEST 2014

*Problem 1:*

I am trying to stream an mpg video over an http server using ffmepg. I
initiate the ffserver and run the following command at the client:

ffmpeg -i http://localhost:10212/Stream.mpg -y Sample.mpg

But the Sample.mpg file is far less qualtiy and much smaller than the
480p.mpg file. *I want the exact same 480p.mpg file with the same file
size, bit rate, ratio, fps etc.*

My config file is as follow:

<Stream Stream.mpg>

    File "/home/david/Documents/Video/Streaming/480p.mpg"
    format mpeg

    ACL allow
    ACL allow


*Problem 2:*

How can I save the streaming statistics of the video i.e how are the frames
received, their bitrates, time intervals etc. It must be unique while for
every client if streamed over a wireless network, due to variable

I know about the -vsats command in ffmpeg but It gives me the video coding
statistics (static file only depends on video) not the streaming statistics.

Thank You and Regards,
Farrukh Javed

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