[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg and FFserver Configuration Support needed

Christian Burger christian.burger at swissminds.com
Wed Jul 23 15:15:35 CEST 2014

Hi there

I need help configuring an ffserver/ffmpeg-environment with multiple streams
and feeds. 

The following needs to be answered:
* Have a review over the architecture in general (feeds, streams and ffmpeg
* Help configuring ffmpeg and ffserver to get reliable audio and video
* Configure ffserver to stream audio and video over the web (html5)
* Get streams from a local source and transport it securely over the
internet to the ffserver
* Help chosing the best parameters for ffmpeg and ffserver to have maximum
quality with minimum bandwitdth
* Optional: experienced with WebRTC integration
Please contact me off the list if you are an experienced ffmpeg/ffserver
user and if you have time to help within the next few days. Don¹t forget to
mention your hourly rate for the support.

Thanks in advance

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