[FFmpeg-user] New streams being added endlessly

Matej matej at tam.si
Sat Jul 12 20:39:09 CEST 2014


when running the following command:
ffmpeg  -i "http://live.radiohit.si:9560" -codec copy  -f mpegts udp://

to stream our local radio station to my PC via mpegts, it plays all right
for a few minutes in the VLC player, but then starts stopping and the
distortions are always longer. I have checked the menu Tools->Codec
information in VLC player and I can see that new streams are endlessly
added and that sound stops every time when new stream is added to that list.

How can I solve this? I have spent quite some time on it (it's a part of
some larger project), but cannot move further on. Any help and ideas will
be very much appreciated :)


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