[FFmpeg-user] Alternative options for comma-separated filters?

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> I have an application that uses ffmpeg to perform file conversions
> applying the filter -vf colormatrix=bt601:bt709. I would like to also
apply a
> gamma changing filter such as -vf mp=eq2=1:1:0:1:2:1:1:1.
> The problem is that the application using ffmpeg (which I can *not*
> cannot have commas included in the arguments provided. No combination of
> escapes, quoting, etc will work if there is a comma anywhere in the
> arguments.
> This seems to preclude the possibility of having two filters since as near
as I
> can tell, the only way to do so would be
> -vf colormatrix=bt601:bt709, mp=eq2=1:1:0:1:2:1:1:1
> Is there an alternate method of including two filters that does not
> using a comma, or can a filter be "prebuilt" as a text file that I can
> include in an ffmpeg commandline preset?

Failing any answers indicating that this can be done with ffmepg, I'd do
something similar to your last option. If your filter options are going to
remain constant across encodes, a simple shell script (batch file) would do
- call that, with the necessary parameters like in/output file etc. from
your application. If the options need to change from file to file, write the
command line from your application using another character instead of the
comma, and then replace that character in the shell script before invoking

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