[FFmpeg-user] Batch Join multimono to multichannel Auido (wav / aif)

Luigi Rensinghoff soundgigi at freenet.de
Wed Jul 9 18:34:26 CEST 2014

Hi List

      I would like to write a little script to join multiple mono Wav files to one multichannel file

This command works fine - but always changing the filename by hand is quite tedious:

ffmpeg -i 

Engine.L.aif -i Engine.R.aif -i Engine.C.aif -i Engine.LFE.aif -i Engine.Ls.aif -i Engine.Rs.aif 

-filter_complex "[0:a][1:a][2:a][3:a][4:a][5:a]amerge=inputs=6[aout]" -map "[aout]" 


So i tried to write a batch script (OS X) that looks like that:
(Newlines are only for better readabilty)


for f in *.C.aif;
echo "Procesing $f"

-i „$f“.L.aif
-i "$f“.R.aif 
-i "$f“.C.aif 
-i "$f“.LFE.aif 
-i "$f“.Ls.aif 
-i "$f“.Rs.aif 

-filter_complex "[0:a][1:a][2:a][3:a][4:a][5:a]amerge=inputs=6[aout]" -map "[aout]"   



I am really not that good with scripting - did not find a proper resource yet...

Can anyone help ???

I am on OS X Mavericks.....
And ffmpeg is properly installed

Best Regards


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