[FFmpeg-user] [HELP] FFmpeg android compillation (mp4 + h264)

Oleg Antsiferov lego_aoe at inbox.ru
Fri Feb 28 11:23:27 CET 2014


Let me descripe my task: I hane many gifs (not on a device) encoded as mp4
files (on a device) with h264 codec (like so avconv -r 15 -i %s/%%03d.png
-an -c:v libx264 -s %dx%d -profile:v baseline -r 15 %s). So, I need to
decode mp4-s to get frames and build animations on android. For decoding
purposes I want to use ffmpeg, but really don't know which options need to
be included in ./configure (I just want use mp4 container and h264 decoder
and create .so libs with possible smalles size) to compile it. And I also
need to have a gpu support if it's possible for ffmpeg.

Could you, please, provide all the necessary options to compile ffmpeg?


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