[FFmpeg-user] Is it safe? (DV AVI > 4 gig)

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Feb 24 20:26:32 CET 2014

Bouke (VideoToolShed <bouke <at> videotoolshed.com> writes:

> >> Creating long ( > 4 gig) DV AVI files.
> >
> >> But, what trouble to expect when these 
> >> files go out into the wild?
> >
> > See ticket #2145.
> If WMP is the only culprit, i think i can 
> live with that

I should probably add that I did not mean:
"Don't worry, seeking with WMP is the only 
possible problem" but rather:
"At least seeking under WMP does not work, 
this does indicate a problem with large 
avis written by FFmpeg."

Carl Eugen

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