[FFmpeg-user] Changing Aspect Ratios

Dirk van der Gouw d.gouw at inter.nl.net
Sun Feb 23 16:21:40 CET 2014

I am a newbie in the user-groups.
Working with ffmpeg for 8 years already on my old Power Mac G5 (OS X 10.5.8)
My ffmpeg version is 0.0.9 X. So not he commandline version but the 
(old) complete application.

Mainly used it to convert video files to MPEG 2 (DVD). Works fine.
But when I convert files to AVI (codec DIVX MPEG 4 and MP3 audio) and I 
burn these DIVX-files to a DVD for playing with my DVD-player and 16:9 
flatscreen LCD the only video size that shows up on the sceen is 624 x 352.

I tried a lot of sizes. But every other size there is only the audio and 
no picture.
624 x 352    works
640 x 360    not
720 x 405    not
960 x 540    not
1248 x 702  not
1280 x 720  not

So my question: how can I calculate the videosize to ratios that work on 
my flatscreen?

Thanks from,


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