[FFmpeg-user] "-vf mp=softpulldown" drops all frames

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Sun Feb 23 01:37:01 CET 2014

I don't have time to respond in full to this, so let's take it step by step, and perhaps I'll be able to complete Carl Eugen's remedial education in basic software engineering another time.

> What has a build environment and compilation to 
> do with testing a current version of FFmpeg?

You suggested that someone should "test current git head." 

The phrase "current git head" refers to source code. Source code is a list of tasks to be undertaken by a computer that's designed to be modified by humans, but it often can't be run directly. In the case of ffmpeg, which is written in the C programming language, a process called "compilation" is required. This transforms the source code into a form that can be used by the computer's central processing unit.

This means that anyone who needs to "test current git head" needs to be able to compile the software. I can go into more detail if you're still confused.


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