[FFmpeg-user] "-vf mp=softpulldown" drops all frames

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Sat Feb 22 22:31:39 CET 2014

> Please elaborate

Creating a build environment that is capable of compiling ffmpeg is highly nontrivial, and it's unreasonable to expect users to configure one in order to run a test.

Firstly, the operating system used by 98.28% of desktop computers (according to Wikipedia, as of January 2014) is not the one typically used for compiling ffmpeg. To overcome this, a user must generally install an entirely new operating system, which is already an enormous imposition to place on someone who simply wishes to assist the project by reporting a bug.

Secondly, the user must create a build environment capable of compiling not only ffmpeg, but also the large number of complex libraries required to make it useful. This requires what I think can reasonably be described as graduate-level software engineering ability, including familiarity with C, make and makefiles, and other advanced tools of software engineering which many users will not have encountered previously. The user must become familiar with the intricacies of ffmpeg and all of the attendant libraries in order to glitch-fix the process and ensure everything works correctly.

In short, it is absolutely absurd to assume that most computer users would be expected to know how to do this.

What's worse is that this is all pathetically obvious, and I'm ashamed of myself for being baited by you again.


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