[FFmpeg-user] x.265

Anshul anshul.ffmpeg at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 21:33:41 CET 2014

Levan Chelidze <levanchelidze at gmail.com> wrote:
>I have a question and it will be a blast if someone will answer it.
>This gentleman has stated that x.265 encoder is integrated in ffmpeg
>February 12th.
>however my build of ffmpeg that I have compiled, notifies me (Unknown
>encoder 'libx265')
>So can someone kindly give my some information on this, If it is not
>much trouble.
>Thank You for your time.
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I have not used x265, but generally you need to install libx265 seprately.
Ffmpeg does not ship libx265.

Also check that u are using git version.
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