[FFmpeg-user] pts and dts role in video only streaming

Francois Visagie francois.visagie at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 09:45:05 CET 2014

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> Subject: [FFmpeg-user] pts and dts role in video only streaming
> I am new to SDL2.0 and I have a basic question. I have heared about
> pts(presenstation timestamp) and dts (decompression timestamp) of a
> frame in videos. And googling about it makes gives me meaning as if pts
> dts are used only for synchronization between audio and video. But I am
> streaming only video and my question is whether dts and pts needs to be
> considered (in video streaming program) while streaming video alone?

>From my limited understanding the answer would be yes when the input
contains P and B frames. PTS tells the decoder when a frame needs to be
presented; DTS tells it when a particular frame needs to be decoded, which
might be necessary for the decoding and presentation of another frame first.
(Per sé P/DTS therefore do not specifically relate to A/V sync.)

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