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Tue Feb 18 22:04:17 CET 2014

whoami Jils <get2jils at gmail.com> wrote:
>avcodec_decode_video2 is used to decode the packet, and results into
>AVFrame,  and it sets the variable, if complete frame is received.
>What is the format of the frame after decoding?. it is same format as
>the decoder does or  it is a raw data buffer ?.   Because i see in
>different places in
>the internet, that it is claimed that it is raw data.
>Which one i need to consider
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Raw data are of many type, in case of video it may be yuv420p or yuv422, rgb, rgba.

AvFrame is a structure where it have one or many fields which points to actual rawdata. 

I dont have link now but doxygen of ffmpeg is good source for ffmpeg api.

On internet where u searched and got confused, there context might be different.

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