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> Hi:
> Sorry for bothering.
> Currently I am trying to access the timestamp for each frame, and then
> the timestamp one by one.
> Is there a way to extract the timestamp to a separate file, then combine
> to the audio and video files? I mean, in a command line way.
> I found some old topic:
> http://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-user/2013-June/015609.html

What format is your video in? Perhaps I misunderstand, but in testing MP4
(H.264) and AVCHD clips here the commands given in that thread produce what
seem to be the desired results. The commands in the first post may produce
regularly spaced timestamps, but the '-debug_ts' suggested later may provide
more exact, irregularly spaced timing info if that's what you prefer.

For recombining you could consider one of the subtitle filters for inlaying;
alternatively an internal subtitle stream or an external one using something
like ffdshow/vobsub.

> Many thanks.
> Xing
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