[FFmpeg-user] chapter mark on MP4: ffmpeg produces it in which flavour?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at realss.com
Thu Feb 13 14:01:08 CET 2014

The documents says adding chapter marks is as simple as applying metadata 


The document however wasn't specific to .mp4 format (the part specific about 
.mp4 is about segments, which doesn't look like chapter to me).

Wikipedia says .mp4 has two kinds of chapter-marks:

Quote from wikipedia:
> 1) In specially formatted text track (QuickTime); 2) In userdata atom 
> (started by Nero Digital) can't interact with the sceneDescription, or via 
> segmentDescriptor

So it seems the chapter mark in .mp4 is not standardized. The question is: 
if I load a custom metadata file with chapters in it, using metadata muxer 
and output a .mp4 file, what do I get?

1. I get the .mp4 file like that would be produced with QuickTime
2. I get the .mp4 file like that would be produced with Nero Digital

And more interesting would be: what kind of chapter marks are supported 
natively by Android/iOS, since which version? A serious content producer 
would want to measure it to tailer the file he produces.


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