[FFmpeg-user] Levels and Primaries

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Thu Feb 13 11:26:47 CET 2014

>  it would be worth a try if a bug report proving that swscale
> produced incorrect colors or inferior scaling quality for a certain
> conversion (which may very well be the case) with a reproducible test
> case would get ignored. 

As you probably know, there can be quite a lot of work in producing such a test case.

Recent comments on this list suggest strongly to me that information about behavioural anomalies in ffmpeg are not particularly welcome. I appreciate the issue - it isn't nice to have one's work criticised - but that's part of being a software engineer.

Personally I would be concerned that I would simply be asked for more and more information until we got to something I couldn't provide (I still have only the haziest idea what a "gdb backtrace" is). I think this sort of thing is used as an excuse to ignore the problem. Not everyone is a software engineer (nor should they be) and the development team need to be willing to do some of the legwork themselves. It's part of the job.

Until this changes, you can see why people aren't willing to put the time in. 


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