[FFmpeg-user] Transport Stream (.ts) with ac3 audio

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Feb 12 23:56:31 CET 2014

Michael Thaler <michael <at> ruemeland.de> writes:

> Created by FFmpeg:
> codec_tag_string=[129][0][0][0]
> codec_tag=0x0081

(Just to make sure, this is afaik a valid 
tag for ac3 in a transport stream and is 
read by WMP.)

> Created by others:
> codec_tag_string=[6][0][0][0]
> codec_tag=0x0006
> My question is, can I set codec_tag and 
> codec_tag_string by FFmpeg with -metadata  ?

Yes, with -vtag but not for transport streams.

In case I was unclear before:
The problem you see is understood and the 
analysis and a link to the necessary 
specification can be found in this mailing list 
No additional tests with the current code base 
are needed.
I cannot work on this because I wouldn't know 
how to test (and the files written by current 
FFmpeg play fine with every proprietary and 
free player I have access to) and as said I 
suspect this is also true for other developers.

I fear that if you cannot work yourself on 
this problem you will have to pay a developer 
to solve a problem most people cannot even 

Carl Eugen

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