[FFmpeg-user] Levels and Primaries

Rio Kierkels riokierkels at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 11:54:33 CET 2014

> I am not sure I understand:
> Why can't you use hexdump / printf / openoffice?
> (I unfortunately still don't know what kind of
> output you want to check.)

Could be just my paranoia, but I always have the feeling
that the decoder does some magic on the numbers or something.
Which is why right now I'm also not certain what I'm looking for
in the output. I think it's on a byte level. So yeah if I've got the time
I'll be going through the mxf files byte by byte...

> Note that there is of course no "100% certainty"
> (consider reading the FCP EULA)...

I try to stay away from that EULA ;)
But I get the point. That is why currently I'm content with the
assumption that ffmpeg does the correct thing until I have the
means to completely verify this myself when my coding and
color science skills are of such a level that I can be confident
that I'm doing the right thing.

> > When my C++ coding skills are a bit better
> (Note that FFmpeg is not a C++ project and it is
> actually a slight disadvantage if you know C++.)

Of course I meant my understanding of midlevel progamming
languages (read C/C++) coming from a highlevel language (read python).
My point being that my knowledge isn't sufficient.


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