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Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Tue Feb 11 18:28:12 CET 2014

>> Obviously the version that comes with ubuntu is not 
>> "deliberately" broken

> No?

No. Obviously, nobody ever deliberately breaks software.

Let me explain: computers are machines designed to do work for humans, and these machines work according to a from a series of enc

The security issues are not just known, actual 
issues with avconv were reported to us by the avconv 
side (and we verified that they are not reproducible 
with FFmpeg). Response time for such issues seems to 
be many months in avconv (historically).
Consider to (carefully) read J00ru's blog entry. I 
believe it really explains a lot.

> and both versions contain "hundreds of known bugs"


But I of course did not claim that FFmpeg contains 
no known bugs. I also did not claim that FFmpeg 
contains no bugs that are not reproducible with avconv.
But I do claim (and it is extremely easy to verify) 
that there are a magnitude (actually two) more bugs in 
avconv that are not reproducible with FFmpeg than the 
other way around. Just test a not too small number of 
fixed trac tickets with avconv and look at some open 
bugs on bugzilla (they often contain references to 

And please stop trolling here, it is not welcome!

Carl Eugen

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