[FFmpeg-user] VFR jpg files to MJPEG video

MiHe video-server at aab.sk
Thu Feb 6 10:27:59 CET 2014

Dňa 06.02.2014 10:09, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote / napísal(a):
> MiHe <video-server <at> aab.sk> writes:
>> i have JPG files with millisecond timestamps in the
>> file name,
> How do the file names look like?
i wanted to be simple, in fact the jpg files are downloaded by my 
software so i can define my own names as i like.
> How are the files produced?
> Is this common hardware?
they come from a mjpeg stream.
my program splits the mjpeg stream to jpg files so they can be viewed 

yes, a common cheap chinese ip camera.
>> from a VFR ip camera, avg 0.5 - 2 FPS
>> i can feed these through stdin or rename files so
>> they are numbered (image2) but the PTS is not correct
>> because of the VFR.
>> is it possible to construct a playable video file
>> (MP4/AVI/MKV), which uses MJPEG codec(without
>> transcoding) with these exact VFR timestamps ?
> You can write a shell script that duplicates the input
> frames to achieve cfr, but the missing feature may be
> easy to implement within FFmpeg if the file format is
> well defined.
yes , i was thinking about it , but one of my goals was to minimise 
frame duplication.

thank you

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