[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG Support for animation

Faruk Hossain faruk.hossain at bjitgroup.com
Wed Feb 5 04:35:00 CET 2014

Dear Sir,

I am a Android Developer. Recently I have a project to integrate ffmpeg 
in our Android project. But i face a problem to add different animation 
on different images such as: fade-in, fade-out, scale, rotate, translate 
etc android animation. These images will make a video. I successfully 
made video from images but didn't add animation on images.

Can you please suggest me how can i do this. Is there any command in 
ffmpeg to add animation on Images.

I run this command on Linux platform:

"*ffmpeg -i input.mp4 "fade=in:5:8" output.mp4*"

But the problem is that new new created video "*output.mp4*" just show a 
black screen no images.

Thanks for your time


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