[FFmpeg-user] No frames output until end with RTMP/X264 input (also FLV)

dom dom.forrest at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 20:04:19 CET 2014

I need (near) real time access to individual frames originating from flash clients videos which are of short duration.  We have been trying to do this using Wowza but this has not worked out.

I am looking to use ffmpeg to output jpg/pngs from FLV files piped to stdin.  This works *very* well but I receive no output until the stream closes.  This can easily be simulated by transcoding a short FLV file and slowing down the piped input to ffmpeg using pipe viewer thus:

cat /var/www/videos/c752bbf5c86a5ed28cfbfdf91c22e82aa3df14d3.flv | pv -L 10k | ffmpeg   -i pipe:0  ./%03d.jpg

All the JPGs appear at the end rather than as the video ‘plays’.

Is there any way I can get ffmpeg to output them earlier or are there any other approaches I can try?


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