[FFmpeg-user] VFW versions of FFV1 and ffhuff?

Timur Zaripov zaript at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 11:12:45 CET 2014

Hi, sorry for late answer Peter.

ffdshow-tryout I used are dated by 2013-01-06 (ver.1.3.4500).

I do both initial encoding and decoding of gameplay footage with both
codecs (FFV1 and ffhuff) and in both cases got color artifacts.

I will report on my experiments with DirectShow as I get more time.

Thank you for your help.

    Timur Zaripov

On 31 January 2014 17:23, Peter B. <pb at das-werkstatt.com> wrote:

> On 01/31/2014 10:59 AM, Timur Zaripov wrote:
> > I am recording gameplay footage using Dxtory and Lagarith codec at the
> > moment. I am interested to try ffmpeg alternatives, but the latest vfw
> > versions that I could find are ffdshow-tryouts (early 2013) and those
> seem
> > to be bugged (color artifacts on bottom of the screen).
> Hm... I'm using ffdshow-tryouts a lot, and didn't see any regression
> problems like you describe.
> Could you please tell me which version/build of ffdshow-tryouts that was?
> Encoding or decoding of FFV1?
> > Does anyone know about more recent vfw ffmpeg codecs variants?
> I'd also be looking for any way of having ffmpeg in VfW, since
> ffdshow-tryouts is not supporting FFV1's advanced featureset for encoding
> :(
> In case your application can also handle DirectShow codecs, you can try
> "LAV Filters".
> Regards,
> Pb
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