[FFmpeg-user] Format of YUV files

Peter Vince peter_vince at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 4 00:38:08 CEST 2014


     I am very new to ffMPEG, but have been able to create MPEG-2 files from a collection of still images.  I see from the documentation (section 7.4 on http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html) that it is possible to use individual YUV files as well.  It says they are "raw" files, so I tried, but got a pixel format error.  I had the U and V files at half horizontal resolution (as specified in the above), and had the data sitting on 128, with plus and minus values about that.  I wonder if they should sit on zero with positive and negative numbers ("signed 8-bit"?).  Are there any sample files anywhere?

     Thank you,

          Peter Vince

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