[FFmpeg-user] Filter lut3d with GPU Accelaration?

Clément Bœsch u at pkh.me
Wed Apr 2 14:03:31 CEST 2014

On Wed, Apr 02, 2014 at 01:48:40PM +0200, Rainer Fritz wrote:
> Dear All !
> Thx for such a great tool ffmpeg is. I use the lut3d filter often and getting currently
> on a MacbbokPro i7 about 12fps when transcoding from Prores4444 to DNxHD for example.

What version of FFmpeg are you using? I've added the threading a while
ago, make sure 'S' is present when you run:

☭ ffmpeg -v 0 -filters|grep lut3d
 TS. lut3d            V->V       Adjust colors using a 3D LUT.

> Is there a possibility to accelarate this filter by the GPU (openCL or openGL)? How much work will it be to implement this?

Patch welcome I guess, I don't plan to work on this.

> Who can be contacted regarding this?

You could eventually open a ticket in the trac (http://trac.ffmpeg.org)

> Rainer Fritz

Clément B.
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