[FFmpeg-user] Create slideshow with ffmpeg from still images

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Wed Jul 31 10:02:11 CEST 2013

On 31/07/2013, at 12:20 PM, thljcl wrote:

> Is this tool from http://bit.ly/159uJ2e what you are referring to? Thanks for
> telling a commercially available tool that costs USD 50. By the way I also
> have another free tool that is called “Movie Maker”, which is free for
> Windows users. I think that you have missed the point why I learned to use
> ffmpeg; it’s not merely for academic reasons, although that is a big part of
> it.
> As I previously mentioned, I can do a lot of customizations when it comes to
> encoding settings, such as frame rate, quality preservation (Hey, I can do
> lossless encoding), file size control, and so on. Ffmpeg is free to use but
> it’s not exactly the most user-friendly tool as a command-line tool. But
> it’s certainly very powerful. At the end, it’s up to the users to choose
> whether or not they only need simple tools for simple job; or they need
> something more advanced, but more difficult to be used.

Sorry I thought it would be trivial to find

It uses ffmpeg to do the heavy lifting
It is very easy to use
It is command line stuff so you may tweek as you see fit
The result is pleasing


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