[FFmpeg-user] ntsc-dvd doesn't default to interlaced.

Andy Civil andycivil at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 01:04:19 CEST 2013

On 2013-07-27 6:30 PM, Andy Furniss wrote:

> ffmpeg seems to be able to scale interlaced as long as you tell it -
> -vf scale=720:576:interl=1  ...

I was a long hold-out on MEncoder because for years it was the only one that had 
interlace-aware scaling, but now, FFmpeg does it all.

> -target pal-dvd

I think life may be slightly different for you, in PAL world. I won't quote what 
I think the difference is, for fear of getting it wrong, but I am sure that it's 

> One wierd thing is that I got that from a post ages ago and it had an extra
> argument -
> -vf scale=720:576:interl=1,fieldorder=tff

Field order is the thing. I was going bananas trying to get this working until I 
realised that my HD camera was producing TFF video, and I needed BFF video for 
the DVD. The ridiculousness of this situation was what prompted me to get my 
movie editor to deinterlace into 59.94p for my intermediate file, and then 
asking FFmpeg to scale and interleave.

> Of course my sample was 420 - I don't know what the OPs is, so that would be
> something to consider if he wanted to scale direct instead of de then re
> interlacing.

Because of the field switch, I don't think I can 'scale direct'. Let's face it, 
even if I thought I was doing it, most likely it would be converted to 
progressive, scaled, and re-interlaced in the background anyway! I might as well 
have it out in the open and control it. That's why I like command line tools ;-)


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