[FFmpeg-user] j2k encoder/decoder status

Robert Krüger krueger at lesspain.de
Thu Jul 18 13:42:05 CEST 2013

On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 12:24 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos <cehoyos at ag.or.at> wrote:
> Robert Krüger <krueger <at> lesspain.de> writes:
>> there has been a lot of work on the j2k encoder/decoder
>> recently.
> I don't think any work on the encoder was done recently.

So I read the commit logs sloppily. Thanks for the clarification!

>> Could someone post what the current status compared to
>> libopenjpeg is
> The native decoder is (still) not bit-exact, it does not
> support many (less common) pix-fmts.
> (Or in other words: It is exactly as "experimental" as
> before.)

Thanks for that information!

>> and what the short-term plan is or is this too early
>> to ask because this is still in progress?
> I suspect this is not the first time you ask such a
> question: Why do think there is a "plan"?

There does not have to be one but sometimes a developer starts a unit
of work - paid or not - and thinks things like "I want to work on
module X now until it does Y and it will probably take me a week or
two". If that isn't the case here, the answer is "there is no plan"
but some people do work that way and in those cases might not mind
answering that but, of course, a possible outcome was that it isn't
the case here.

> Do you know how open-source development works?

That is not really meant as a question, I guess.

> (And I don't mean kernel development that at least to
> some part is driven by hardware manufacturers.)
> This is apparently also the reason why you misunderstood
> this mail (that was not meant nonconstructive at all):
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.ffmpeg.user/45798/focus=45826

Actually not, although this type of answer is probably perceived as a
provocation by some people because it might be interpreted to have a
"code something or piss off, you leach!" connotation because from past
interactions (bug-reports, patches etc.) you must of course know that
I do understand that sending patches to implement something a feature
I want to have, results in that feature being there, so it's really
hard to see what the constructive part in this is, because you
obviously are an intelligent person and your english is very good. If
that is not what you want to convey, a little work on that style would
help, no offense intended. To me the answer is a bit more than that. I
am asking these questions a) to maybe make decisions better for
planning the development of our software and b) to decide whether it
makes sense to offer funding for certain development tasks I am
interested in for whatever reason, maybe depending on how far
something is from being achieved. I do not expect anything and take
anything that comes back is a free bonus.



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