[FFmpeg-user] libavcodec documentation and usage

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Wed Jul 17 01:56:56 CEST 2013

On 17/07/2013, at 7:07 AM, Phil Rhodes wrote:

>>  That's simply not true.  These headers are extremely widely supported,
>>  and have been from the days of Eudora and Outlook 1.0.  
> How do I make Yahoo Mail display threads, then?
> Look; the reason I pick people up on this is precisely and absolutely because the prevailing attitude is bad for newcomers. People are deliberately and provocatively incomplete and give deliberately bad advice (break lines at 70 characters? What is this, 1976?), but the point is that all of this is a smokescreen for the real issue: this has become a mailing list thread about email etiquette, not libavcodec documentation.
> Now, it can't really become a thread about libavcodec documentation because to all practical purposes there isn't any, and the people responsible are presumably embarrassed about that (I would be). So, they make it a thread about stomping on the new guy, asserting their technical knowledge, boasting, and busily fulfilling every available cliche about how unapproachable and difficult FOSS projects can be.
> And I'm the troll? Drivel. The only person who actually offered the poor guy a human-readable explanation of why he'd pressed Carl Eugen's buttons was ME.

Carl needs to say the same thing 10 times a week he can be excused for being terce.
I thought that Phil's comments were kind and nice for someone who did not understand the nuances.

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